POS Cibo is a full-featured, integrated and affordable Point of Sale, works both ONLINE & OFFLINE modes and is part of Cibo restaurant management platform. CLOUD computing + WIRELESS technologies + SIMPLE interface = reliable, most powerful POS available on Android platform. If you already have a Cibo account, simply download this application and login to get started! Or register to get a free account today ( ) - Complete Featured POS system - Designed to accommodate international restaurant chains as well as individual mobile food trucks, nightclubs and coffee shops. Using state of the art platforms and systems we offer complete solution tailored to meet your specific needs; with our cloud-based system you will have complete mobility and the flexibility to meet your customer's demands whilst being able to run your business in new and efficient ways with a technology that adds value, not disruption. With detailed reports, mobile ordering processing and wireless printing all working in sync, POS Cibo is much more than a POS system. It is a integrated part of Cibo restaurant platform to ensure you have comprehensive information with complete transparency in the running of your restaurant in much smarter way. -

BENEFITS of using POS Cibo -

  • 100% reliable, works both in online and offline modes - internet connection only required for logging in.
  • Integrated part of Cibo restaurant management system with online ordering, table reservation management and more
  • Connected to your Website, Mobile Application, Digital Menu
  • Easy to Learn and Install – simple, intuitive interface
  • No Contracts – cancel any time
  • Multi Lingigual – translations available

Using this App, your Restaurant staff can redeem QC coupons, place orders, perform customer checkouts, print & email receipts and more. The chic and user-friendly interface allows you to take and send orders and perform guest checkouts wirelessly throughout the restaurant. This eliminates the need to run tickets to the kitchen which allows for more server time at the table – which leads to higher sales! POS Cibo allows you to interact with your POS Cibo point of sale system using your Android 10.1'' and Android 7'' devices. Using the POS CRM, you can modify your menu and perform other administrative functions online any time and any where. Any changes you make through the CRM are reflected within the POS Cibo App. This type of control makes your restaurant more efficient, flexible and independent. **** This App is for use with the POS Cibo restaurant Managment System **** **** This App requires an internet connection for logging in to your account and Syncing with back office **** **** Setting up printers or other devices to work with POS Cibo requires some basic IT skills **** Cibo - Product Of Scandinavia