Flash Cibo

Flash is a Powerful Mobile,Web, Social Media & instant Marketing Tool For Restaurants To Increase Sales, Fans and Followers.??Connect Flash to your restaurant website, mobile and your social media pages to keep your customers up to date with:??. New products you are offering?. Events?. Coupons?. and more??Pictures Speak Louder Then Words!??With Flash you can take picture of any products, event or poster with your iPhone and publish it simultaneously on your Website, Mobile Application and social media sites, it easy and simple.??Save Time & Money ??Flash allows you to add edited and optimised product posters from iPhone, use Flash to create your own picture blog.??If you already have a Cibo account, simply download this application and login to get started! Or register to get a free account today.??- BENEFITS Of Using Flash?• Keep your customers informed and interested. • Create professional posters directly from your iPhone ?• Publish simultaneously on your website, mobile application and social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat,Weibo, Instagram.??**** This App is for use with the Cibo restaurant Managment System ****?**** This App requires an internet connection for logging in to your account and Syncing with back office ****?**** Setting up printers or other devices to work with POS Cibo requires some basic IT skills ****